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Caring for your Flower

Nothing makes your smile then a bunch of fresh flowers delivered to you on your doorstep,Flowers are perfect way to lift your mood and make your heart sing.

Follow our easy to care guidelines to enjoy your floral gift for a bit longer

Vase/Container Selection

Select the vase suitable for your bunch of flowers.Make sure your vase is clean and free from any sort of bacteria


Fill up your vase with clean fresh water and add floral preservative if needed.If your flowers are arranged in floral foam make sure to saturate floral faom with water


Make sure no foliage is sitting in water as it contaminates water.Stripping all the leaves below the water level will stop bacteria growing in the water.


Cut all stems at an angle and put them in water immediately


Avoid direct sunlight, Bright light, &heat.

Relax & Enjoy

Sit back and enjoy your flowers.Replenish water frequently.Change water everyday to keep your flowers fresh for longer



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